Aptived Syrup

Our Aptived Syrup heals body with essence to nature. At Bhartam, quality medicine fights diseases. Medicine comes in the form of medicated oils, herbs, plant extracts, decoctions etc..

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Uterine Syrup

Range of Uterine Syrups available at Bhartam brings qualitative changes in the health condition. These syrups are made using best knowledge of ancient Ayurveda.

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Morning Fresh

The Morning Fresh which we offer are side effects free and heal the body holistically & not just the symptoms.

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Vedartho Pain Oil

Vedartho Pain Oil is manufactured after good research using herbs and natural ingredients which help with fast recovery and they are efficient as well.

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Dant Shakti

Get wide range of quality Dant Shakti at Bhartam which is manufactured under the observation of experts who have years of experience in Ayurveda.

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Vedatus Syrup

Enough of putting those harmful chemicals in your hair, it’s time to try which nature offer you. Get exclusive Herbal Cough Syrup for health.

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Vedaliv Syrup

Bhartam Provide you the best range of Vedaliv Syrup for healthy and well liver, made by using the precious herbs and ingredients present in nature.

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Piles O Gone

Our exclusive range of Piles O Gone capsules is made with care for better results. We have used the best quality material. Our ingredients are natural and with no side effects.

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Bhartam Veda Shakti Mission was to produce an efficient and reasonable cure for standard individuals in for flung village. We tend to forever attempt to after a good product for our customers at an inexpensive value rate. Bhartam Veda Shakti never compromises with the products quality as a result of this can be our identity lots of retailers trust our service and that we target their desire. our mission is incredibly clear be tend to serve the most effective services for the glavel forever. we've get a superior understanding of shopper desires and develop the product to meet the higher.

Well-Known Ayurvedic Products Manufacturers in India!

Ayurvedic medicines company in India Bhartam is certified Ayurvedic medicines manufacturer, Ayurvedic products manufacturers with years of experience to back us, and because of that, we are capable of a providing a vast range of dermatological solutions in bulk. Bhartam has an unmatchable reputation for development and distribution of medicines to treat various illnesses we take pride in the commitment to operate at the highest quality standards, and we create and supply products that enhance the value of healthcare systems. We are one of the distinguished manufacturer and developer of a wide range of Ayurvedic products for many diseases in the form of Ayurvedic capsules, tablets, creams, gels, and cough syrups, etc. We have installed advanced and latest machines to formulate the comprehensive range of herbal products as per Industrial standards.

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